Hallmark Write-Ups

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Hallmark Write-Ups

By: Makaela Dickerson

We’ve hit that time of year when we are wrapping up our projects. Everyone has worked hard, but its not over just yet! The next step is the intimidating write-up. Don’t worry! Hallmark write-ups are not as daunting as they seem! Follow these steps to writing a successful hallmark:

1.     Document everything your chapter did during your project. (For Individual Hallmark entries, make a list of attributes concerning the specific person or group.)

2.     Next, develop a writing system that works for your chapter. Delegate a person or group of people to write the rough draft. Another group can edit and revise as needed. (The key here is to EDIT, REVISE, EDIT, and REVISE!)

3.     Ask your advisors to proofread your final draft, but also ask other teachers outside of PTK. This will ensure a diverse range of perspectives to guarantee the best draft possible.

4.     Finally, submit your entry! Complete as many entries as you would like – the more, the merrier!

Hallmark Entry Due Dates:

December 5: Administrator Hallmark Awards

January 9: Applications for Individual Awards

January 16: Chapter Awards: HiA Project and College Project

Happy Writing and Good Luck!


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