One big thing that most chapters ask is “How to recruit more members”?

Recruitment is a big thing for chapters and for Phi Theta Kappa. Here are some ideas you can do to boost your membership recruitment. One, you can first look at and use the recruitment resources on the Phi Theta Kappa website Second, send out letters and emails to all of the eligible members. Third, post flyers  around your campus about Phi Theta Kappa to let everyone know you’re chapter is there. Fourth, have a PTK blitz week. PTK Blitz week is basically setting little table toppers in your library, hanging posters around campus, or having a PTK information table in the hall. What this does is remind people to join PTK. It is best if you do this right before your induction to make sure people do not forget to join.. Finally, another idea would be to recognize the eligible members in class. If you want to do this, talk to your President or Vice President at your college and faculty, and see if you can go into class for a couple of minutes recognize the eligible members and talk a little about what Phi Theta Kappa is and how to join. These ideas can make a big impact on the growth of your chapter membership.

Written by: Katlynn Wickliffe


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